Syntac STS Strong Tough Solutions

Manufacturers require robust, tough thermoforming plug assist materials that offer high levels of repeatability, without breakage and damage. Packaging applications requiring a deeper draw, such as food containers, pose a challenge to manufactures as downtime caused by low quality solutions, impacts production efficiency.

Syntac® STS (Strong Tough Solutions) is a tough, robust, high performing thermoforming plug assist material.  Made from high grade novel crosslinked polymer and hollow glass microspheres, Syntac® STS provides a solution for applications requiring a deeper draw (mold) and a high level of repeatability. Both wear resistant and dimensionally stable, Syntac® STS maintains product quality to allow for super-fine detailing with reduced breakage. 

Our advanced range of thermoforming plug assist materials are designed to increase your productivity, reduce downtime and maintain high product quality.



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Syntac® STS