Syntac® HTS (High Temperature Solutions)

Manufacturers require durable thermoforming plug assist materials that can perform at high temperatures, maintaining their hardness to support the production of high-clarity packaging and material uniformity. High levels of poor-quality packaging impacts overall costs and results in a high level of wastage.

Syntac® HTS (High Temperature Solutions) is a high-temperature thermoforming plug assist material. It maintains its hardness up to the maximum running temperature, suitable for use up to 220 OC. Syntac® HTS offers a lightweight, durable and cost-effective alternative to traditional materials. 

Made from high grade epoxy resin and hollow glass microspheres, Syntac® HTS is ideal for your high-heat, high strength tooling requirements, providing excellent material uniformity whilst maintaining product quality. 

Our advanced range of thermoforming plug assist materials are designed to increase your productivity, reduce downtime and maintain high product quality.


Easy to machine

High temperature, suitable for up to use up to 220C

Produces high clarity packaging

Maintains hardness, even at maximum temperature

Can be polished to achieve extremely smooth surface finish

Lightweight alternative

Available in sheet, bar and cast versions


Food packaging

Beverage packaging

Medical and pharmaceutical packaging

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Syntac HTS