Syntac CIS Core Industrial Solutions

Manufacturers require reliable thermoforming plug assist materials that provide consistent performance, increase productivity and maintain the high product quality needed for food and beverage or pharmaceutical packaging. Downtime caused by low quality solutions, impacts efficiency and increases overall costs.

Syntac® CIS (Core Industrial Solutions) is an engineered thermoforming plug assist material, designed for everyday tooling. It is perfect for cost sensitive applications and general forming. Made from high grade epoxy resin and hollow glass microspheres, Syntac® CIS has been designed to provide a consistent quality, reliable solution, specifically for fabrication of thermoforming plugs and tooling. 

Our advanced range of thermoforming plug assist materials are designed to increase your productivity, reduce downtime and maintain high product quality. 


Easy to machine

Consistent, reliable quality

Suitable for us upto 180C

[NoCab be pilished to achieve an extremely smooth surface finish text in field]

Can be supplied with additional customer specific inserts pre-fitted as required

Available in sheet, bar and cast versions


Food packaging

Beverage packaging

Medical and pharmaceutical packaging

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Syntac CIS