Syntac® 450

Syntac® 450

Syntac® 450 epoxy composite tooling material a temperature resistant material for forming packaging with high strength and clarity and maintains its hardness right up to the maximum running temperature while exhibiting excellent abrasion resistance. Syntac® 450 is forming higher temperature plastics, especially when trying to maintain clarity.

High temperature 450 °F (232 °C)

Available in a wide range of block, rods and sheets

Improved clarity

Elimination of swirl and chill marks

Increased strength compared to other epoxy syntactic material

Key Applications

Syntac® 450 is easily machined using standard shop tools and offers a lightweight, durable and cost effective alternative to wood, felt and aluminum.

Thermoforming high temperature plastics


Syntac® 450 Typical Properties 

Syntac® 450
Imperial Metric




Density 46 lb/ft³  736 kg/m³
Service temperature 450 °F
232 °C
Thermal conductivity 0.09 BTU/hr-ft-°F
0.15 W/m°K
Specific heat 0.50 BTU/lb°F
2090 J/kg°K
Coefficient of thermal expansion 17x10⁶ in/in/°F
31x10⁶ cm/cm/°C
Compressive strength 7,400 psi 51 MPa
Compressive Modulus 341,000 psi 2357 MPa 
Shore D hardness 55 °D @ 450 °C
55 °D @ 232 °F

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