Syntac® 350

Syntac® 350

Syntac® 350 is the industry standard white syntactic foam made from high grade epoxy resin and hollow glass microspheres designed specifically for fabricating thermoforming plugs and other associated tooling. Syntac® 350 is perfect for wood plug change-overs, cost sensitive applications, and general forming.  

Cost effective

Industry Standard

Available in block, rods and sheets

FDA compliant CFR 177.1630 for packaging

Key Applications

Syntac® 350 materials can be polished to achieve an extremely smooth surface finish

Food packaging < 250°F (121°C) 

Dry food packaging

Alcoholic beverage packaging


Syntac® 350 Typical Properties

Syntac® 350
Imperial Metric




42 lb/ft³
672 kg/m³
Service temperature 350 °F 177 °C
Thermal conductivity
0.07 BTU/hr-ft-°F
0.12 W/m°K
Specific heat 0.50 BTU/lb°F
2090 J/kg°K
Coefficient of thermal expansion
17x10⁶ in/in/°F
31x10⁶ cm/cm/°C
Compressive strength 6,500 psi 45 MPa 
Compressive modulus 339,000 psi 2337 MPa
 Shore D hardness 55 °D @ 350 °F
55 °D @ 117 °C
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Syntac® 350

Trelleborg Applied Technologies Syntac 350

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