Intek® UMI-1075 Glass Wool Insulation

Intek® UMI-1075 Glass Wool Insulation

Intek®UMI-1075 Glass Wool Insulation is a lightweight, water repellent, glass wool hull board, for use as a thermal and acoustical insulation for marine applications. The product manufactured with a patented controlled fiber diameter and density to insure consistent thermal and acoustic performance.  Maximum performance temperature for un-faced products are 232˚C (450˚F).  Specialty facings available to meet your performance and specification requirements.

• DEF STAN 711
• DEF STAN 713
• MIL-I-742F
• MIL-I-22023D
• DOD-I-24688

*Intek® MTI-1075 may meet additional specifications that are not listed here. Please contact us to determine if it meets your specification, or other requirements.

Extremely lightweight 

Translating into fuel savings and efficiency.  

Excellent fire and smoke resistance 

Very low smoke density and toxic gas emissions. 

Acoustic and thermal insulation 

Exceptional acoustic absorption and thermal performance.

Easy installation 

Lightweight, easy to cut and fit, and readily adapt to fabrication with other materials.  

Key Applications

Intek® UMI-1075 glass wool insulation can be used on commercial as well as defense marine vessels, including the TYPE 45.  Typical applications include:

Hull and bulkhead

Ceiling panels 

Hangar deck 

Beam and duct wrap


Intek Thermal Acoustic-Insulation Range

Intek® Thermal & Acoustic Range

Intek UMI-1075 Glass fiber insulation

Intek® UMI-1075 Insulation

Intek UMI-1075 Glass Wool Hull Board Insulation Safety Datasheet MSDS

Intek® UMI-1075 Insulation

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