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Unitex®Squeegee Care

The Squeegees Care guide is designed to ensure your Unitex®Squeegee is running to an optimum level of performance at all times.

Before use: 

Squeegees should not be stored in sunlight, bright light or UV light as the squeegee color will darken. This will not have a negative effect on the quality of its performance.  Try to store squeegees between 15-25°C in dry conditions and away from inks.  Squeegees that are exposed to high humidity will absorb moisture and solvents from the air.  Store squeegees flat, do not leave rolled up.  When using a roll, leave flat for 24 hours so the squeegee has time to relax. 

In use: 

Squeegees should be cleaned immediately after use to prevent the accumulation of dried ink.  Remove all remaining ink deposits from the holder and the squeegee.  Any remaining ink can cause marks from the squeegee during subsequent printing operations.  Print quality may deteriorate during a long run as the sharp edge is lost; therefore plan to swap the squeegee early. Rounded edges use and deposit more ink.  When storing a squeegee still mounted in the holder, do not rest it on the squeegee or allow the squeegee to touch anything during storage.  Squeegees or their holders must not be left in solvents to soak. Soaking will cause swelling and loss of resilience.  When cleaning the squeegee, use a soft cloth and always wipe away from the edge.  To prolong the life of a squeegee, “rest” it for 12 hours after cleaning and before the next printing operation starts.


You should not be required to sharpen a squeegee prior to use.  Only sharpen a squeegee that is clean, dry and has not been used for printing for at least 12 hours. 


Squeegees harden with time – test old squeegees regularly. Do not use an old squeegee that is 5 to 10 degrees more than its original hardness.   The shelf life of a new, unused squeegee is approximately two years if stored correctly.  Do not use a squeegee without ink. It will quickly destroy the printing edge after very few passes.


Your squeegee packaging is optimized to ensure it arrives with you in the best condition possible.  Secure, moisture proof containers for sea freight.  Light weight packaging for air freight.  Priority freight available for fast delivery.  Customer specified carriers when required.

Squeegee marking: 

Unless specified at time of ordering, all Unitex squeegees are marked with:  Unitex Ulon HP or Marathon Squeegee Grade Batch Number Made in the UK 

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Unitex Squeegee Care

Unitex® Squeegee Care