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Unitex® Marathon – Dual and Triple Durometer Squeegee Blades

The Dual and Triple hardness range of squeegees have a unique chemically laminated designed blade.  Generally of a soft/hard and soft/hard/soft construction these squeegees are designed to overcome the problems normally associated with applying too much pressure with a soft or medium hardness blade.  At high pressure, softer blades will distort, considerably decreasing the attack angle and drastically reducing the ability of the squeegee to shear the ink correctly.  The blade may then aquaplane over the surface leaving ink on the screen.  The harder section of these blade prevents bending under high pressure and the softer layer gives the perfect print. 

Prevents blade distortion 

Hardness for accurate printing and soft edge to absorb vibrations. 

Precision printing edge 

Exceptional quality, especially for printing ultra-thin lines.

Reduced screen pressure and vibration

Soft printing edge ensures reduced pressure, increasing stencil and mesh life. 

Available in Unitex®Ulon HP and Unitex®Marathon

Market leading squeegee blades.

Key Applications

Ideal for high precision and value applications such as:

Electronic screen printing

Solar screen printing

Graphic screen printing

Textile screen printing


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Unitex Screen Printing-Squeegee Blade Brochure

Squeegee Blades

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Unitex Squeegee Care

Unitex® Squeegee Care

Unitex Ulon HP Electronic Screen Printing

Electronic Screen Printing

Unitex Ulon HP Solar Screen Printing

Solar Screen Printing

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Unitex Ulon HP Glass Screen Printing

Glass Screen Printing

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Product Sheet
Unitex Marathon Graphic Screen Printing

Graphic Screen Printing

Unitex Marathon Textile Screen Printing

Textile Screen Printing

Unitex Squeegees Safety Datasheet MSDS

Unitex® Squeegees

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Unitex Screen Printing Squeegee Blade Wear Test

Independent test report

An evaluation of the wear characteristics of squegees