Vulkallon Wheels

Wheels made of Vulkallon®

When vehicles carry heavy loads, all the weight is transferred to the tires, so their coverings must be capable of withstanding high surface pressures over long periods.  Solid Vulkollan® can easily handle these extreme conditions. It is characterized by outstanding mechanical load-bearing properties and dynamic load resistance, combined with impressive wear resistance and high tear resistance. Its low compression set prevents tires from flattening out, even after long periods of inactivity.

Highest mechanical load-bearing performance

Exceptional abrasion wear and lubricant resistance

Long-lasting functional reliability

Outstanding elastic recovery

Key Applications

Wheels made of Vulkollan® shows its strengths when it comes to heavy-duty tasks with peak loads.  It is the engineering material of choice for many users whenever they need exceptionally high wear resistance and high mechanical strength.  Typical applications include:


Pallet Trucks

Roller coasters 

Elevator rollers


Ulon Engineered Polyurethane Elastomer

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