Printing Rollers

Printing Rollers

Our printing rollers are widely used by printing companies for offset printing, rotogravure printing, letterpress printing and shallow relief printing. Using high quality Westland formula rubber, high quality print standards and performance are assured when printing for example, books, magazines, envelopes, letterheads and leaflets.

We also provide grinding and recovery services for your rollers

Flexibility to cater to both conventional and UV printing


Able to supply rubberised printing rollers complete with steel


High resistance to swelling and abrasion


Able to customise hardness to suit your needs


Offset printing

Rotogravure printing

Letterpress printing

Shallow relief printing


Material Specifications

Properties Standard Specification

Specific gravity

BS ISO 2781

1.10 ± 0.05

Hardness (Shore A) ASTM D2240 30 ± 5
Tensile strength (Kg / cm2) ASTM D412, Die C 12 (min)
Elongation at break (%) ASTM D412, Die C 500 (min)
Compression set (%) 
(22 hours at 70°C)
ASTM D395 Method B 40 (max)

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