Polyurethane pads and rollers for pipe laying barges

PU pads and rollers for pipe laying vessels

Vessel operators use our polyurethane tensioner pads and conveyor rollers to ensure that they get reliable performance under extreme conditions. We provide both recovery and new build services. The range of products Trelleborg offer are Stinger Rollers, Vertical Rollers, Horizontal Rollers and Tensioner Track Pads.

Extreme abrasion resistance for concrete coated pipes

Prior to production, batch samples are subjected to rigorous tests which includes abrasion resistance 

High load bearing capacity

range of polyurethane hardness (83~95 shore A) to cater to different load specifications

Excellent seawater resistance

Specially selected polyurethane with high degradation resistance in seawater

Excellent ozone and UV resistance

Specially selected polyurethane formulated with additives to enhance it’s ozone and UV resistance attributes

Short delivery

Dedicated team of specialists ensures high quality assurance and timely delivery


Material Specifications

Physical Properties Specification

Hardness / Shore A


Tensile strength / psi  4,500
100% Modulus / psi 1,100
300% Modulus / psi 2,100
Tear strength, D470 / pli 85
% Elongation 420
Compression set (22hrs at 70°C / % 30
Cured specific gravity 1.10

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