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Vector™ Embedded Rail Track

The Vector Embedded Rail System is based on high performance, one piece, molded, micro cellular foam polymer with no voids or cavities. The boot incorporates features to simplify jointing and installation as well as providing wheel overrun protection and skid resistance. 


Manufactured from advanced micro cellular polyurethane, Vector has an exceptional ability to retain its resilience and geometry over a 30+ year design life. 

Design resilience

Vector™ offers the opportunity to adjust the profile and material density of the rail boot, to provide the optimal combination of firm lateral support, with low vertical stiffness, to enhance vibration attenuation.

Simple to install

The features incorporated in the Vector™ boot, combined with Trelleborg's 'Fast Fix' methodology, lead to simple, high quality and fast assembly and installation of the complete rail embedment solution

Proven in service

Vector™ rail embedment was first installed in 2003 and has been in service in major light rail networks since 2008.

Key applications

Vector™ Rail Embedment is an example of Trelleborg's advanced 3D micro cellular polyurethane technology.

Low vibration track elements

Under sleeper mats

Slab track bearings

Ballast mats

Floating slab track

Rail pads

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Embedded Rail System

Vector™ Embedded Rail System


Vector™ Application Sheet

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