Odin Vikodeck Shield

Vikodeck® Shield is made from Trelleborg’s Firestop rubber material, which is jet-fire resistant, withstanding extreme high temperatures and severe erosion. This solution can be used amongst a variety of applications within the defense industry including but not limited to, surface and deck protection, missile hang-fire situation protection and shell impact protection.  
Due to the high flexibility of the material, Vikodeck® Shield is easily fitted and simple to install on any surface or area. The strong thermal mitigation properties allow for excellent protection of the underlying deck areas. In addition to the existing extreme fire and thermal mitigation properties, Vikodeck® Shield is extremely impact resistant, capable of withstanding heavy loads and forces while providing a significant dampening effect. The material is also water repellent, minimizing corrosion and wear on the area protected. The greater durability of this material ensures extended lifespan and reduced maintenance. 
This solution can be tailored specific to customer needs and has undergone a variety of testing, certification and approval processes.  
Testing & Verification 
Thermal mitigation 
Chemical testing 
MIL specification 
Smoke & toxicity 
Naval ship decks 
Missile Launcher 

Protect against hang-fire (3,000°C)

Protect against Hydrocarbon and Jet fire (800–1100°C) fire for 2 hr

Tested for surface spread of flame according to BS 476 Part 7, rated to Class 1 with a toxicity value of 0,5/100 g

No smoke and toxicity (index value 0,5/100 g)

Hardness: 77°ShoreA

Density: 1,8 g/cm³


Navel ship decks

Missile launcher

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Vikodeck Shield