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Storing flammable liquids, particularly those with high vapour pressure, poses difficult challenges, keeping people and property safe from fire. DryFoam is a proven passive fire protection solution that prevents full surface fires by supressing up to 98% of vapours, ensuring fire prevention. DryFoam works continuously, remaining in place for up to 10 years and is virtually maintenance free. 

DryFoam works without the use of water, suitable for application in both extreme cold and hot environments and wherever water is scarce. DryFoam is the world’s first passive non-water-based product, UL listed for full surface protection. DryFoam is completely passive and is temperature rated to -40F to +140F.

DryFoam can easily be used on most hydrocarbons including crude oil, gasoline, alcohol, cryogenic LNG and LPG to mitigate vapor cloud scenarios using simple passive methods.

The DryFoam engineered spheres are applied directly to the top of the liquid, where they float and continuously suppress vapours, preventing a full surface fire and slowing down the rate of evaporation, removing the need for flare burning, When exposed to intense heat from above, the coating on the DryFoam spheres swell up, creating an insulating barrier and preventing ignition of the flammable liquid.

DryFoam can be applied as a secondary measure onto an internal floating roof within a storage tank, providing additional protection in the event of a sunken roof. The engineered DryFoam spheres contour to any shape tank, reducing the risk of fire and providing a cost effective, long term solution. 

Up to 98% vapor suppression

UL certified solution

Proven passive fire protection

Reduced environmental impact

No need for flare burning

Works with all flamable liquids

Long term, virtually maintenance free solution

Remains in place for up to 10 years

Lightweight, easy to transport and easy to dispense

Works without the use of water

Temperature rated to -40F to +140F

Key Applications

Sunken and floating roof storage tanks

Storage tanks or barges


Horizontal vessels

Irregular shaped containers

Rim seal of column void fill systems


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DryFoam™ certification

UL Certification for DryFoam