Odin SPG (Skirt Pile Gripper)

Odin SPG (Skirt Pile Gripper) 

The fundamental requirement of an offshore oil and gas platform and Offshore Wind High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) structure is the need for a secure and stable foundation.

Grouting method is used to secure the platform foundation onto the seabed through piling and the skirt pile gripper which is welded onto the upper of the jacket skirt pile, helps to hold the piles firmly in position, providing a temporary retention of the jacket’s elevation position during the leveling operations and grout process until the grout between the pile and the jacket has set and the installation is completed. 

Trelleborg’s Odin jacket leg can system is designed to encompass the sealing needs during the installation of an oil and gas platform substructure or Offshore Wind High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) structure. Our Odin SPG (Skirt Pile Gripper) combines the best in engineering capability with global offshore expertise to deliver a more efficient skirt pile installation and performance, completing Trelleborg’s solutions package for jacket leg can system. Our custom designed Odin SPG delivers a firmer grip on the pile with its unique biting teeth for increased contact area. This fixing method reduces risk during platform installation, as it guarantees stable working conditions, even in inclement weather.

Trelleborg offers a complete substructure leg can system solution from a single source, simplifying control and improving efficiency from purchase to delivery and reducing the risks associated with platform installation, through its Odin SPG, Odin GS (Grout Seal), Odin GP (Grout Packer) and Odin DC (Diaphragms Closure). You can now specify a total substructure leg can system from Trelleborg. 

Our custom-made skirt pile gripper is available for a holding capacity of between 300MT and 3500MT.

Trelleborg’s in-house engineering capabilities provide customers with the technical expertise and know-how to design, model, fabricate and test a skirt pile gripper to ensure a high quality, custom made, fully certified product.

Offer stability in grouting operation Holding capacity from 500MT to 3000MT

Full Scale In-house testing

Option to supply with diaphragm closure and grout packer 


Complete engineering such as 3D drawing services and calculation reports to ensure precise specification at the outset; this includes FEA simulations and studies for improved accuracy.

Expert Testing

Full testing at Trelleborg’s in-house facility, including stress profiles, friction testing, pressure holding testing to exceed required client standards.

Fabrication & Assembly

Enhanced quality control through complete design, testing, steel fabrication and assembly of all components in-house, including HPU, ROV. Works with all offshore oil & gas and windfarm HVDC jackets.

Odin SPG sensors

Trelleborg’s Odin SPG sensors can be activated to detect loss of pressure, so that the secondary air piping line can be activated before the primary air piping line fails or more pressure can be added to the primary air piping line. Therefore, reducing the down-time during installation.

Key Applications

Offshore platform jacket substructure

Skirt sleeves 

HVDC jacket substructure

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Skirt Pile Gripper

Odin SPG (Skirt Pile Gripper)