Odin GS (Grout Seal)

Odin GS (Grout Seal)

Once an offshore oil and gas or offshore wind HVDC jacket is constructed, it will be transported to the offshore installation site where it will be upended and descended onto the seabed. In order to ensure that the jacket is securely fixed to the seabed, piles are driven through the jacket legs or the skirt sleeves.

The annulus between the pile and the jacket leg or skirt sleeves will be sealed by grout seal.It seals the annular gap to ensure that no leakage can occur during grouting. The grout will provide a reliable bond to keep the jacket secured and stable. The grout seal helps to keep the grouting process free from contaminants and thereby reinforces the integrity of the substructure.

Trelleborg’s Odin jacket leg can system is designed to encompass the sealing needs during the installation of an oil and gas or HVDC jacket substructure.

Our Odin GS (Grout Seal) provides a reliable and robust sealing between the inner diameter of the jacket/skirt and the outer diameter of the pile. Our Odin GS can also be used as standalone. Our Odin GS can tolerate reverse movement and offset position in the pile. We can design and supply a total sub-structure leg can system solutions to your specification.

Provides reliable sealing between Jacket ID and Pile OD 

Supply in different sizes up to 8 

Hydrostatic tested to 1.5x times of the operating pressure

Easy to install

Key Applications

Offshore platform jacket substructure

Skirt sleeves 

LNG Terminal Construction

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Odin GS (Grout Seal)


Grout seals/wipers assist grout packers in ensuring that the jacket pile annulus is clean by preventing mud contamination.