Odin DC (Diaphram Closure)

Odin DC (Diaphragm Closure)

During the offshore substructure installation phrase, jackets are designed to be either self upending or upended with the assistance of ballasting system or crane vessel. In order to ensure that the launched jacket can maintained the buoyancy and upend itself at the launch sequence, diaphragm closures are used to seal the jacket legs and skirt sleeves. It is an effective procedure that not only enable the jacket to float in the sea but also making it easy to manoeuvre the installation movement on site.

Our Odin DC (Diaphragm Closure) is made from highly reinforced rubber and designed to withstand the hydrostatic pressure during jacket flooding operations. It is designed and fabricated with the highest quality polymers to ensure efficient, reliable performance. These closures are attached to the legs and skirt sleeves by means of fastening ring/ flanges that also hold the rubber diaphragms. They can be quickly and easily pierced by the pile or by a cutting device to facilitate the installation movement. We can custom design our Odin DC to your specifications and to suit special operating conditions.

Trelleborg’s Odin jacket leg can system is designed to encompass the sealing needs during the installation of an oil and gas/HVDC jacket substructure.

Provide buoyancy during installation of substructure

Highly reinforced rubber

Hydrostatic tested to 1.5 times of the operating pressure

Option to supply as complete Leg Can system 

Key Applications

Offshore platform jacket substructure

Skirt sleeves 

Pile Transportation

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Odin DC (Diaphragm Closure)