Odin DSU (Deck Support Unit)

Odin DSU (Deck Support Unit)

When a topside of an offshore oil and gas platform or a offshore wind structure has been constructed, it needs to be loaded onto a barge and be transported to the offshore installation site.

The application of an Odin DSU is to reduce the direct impact between the underneath of the topside and the heavy transport barge. 

Our Odin DSUs are engineered and specially customized for every individual project, consisting of a stack of elastomeric pads installed between two steel casings. Odin DSUs are installed onto the deck support frame of a barge. The topside is then loaded onto this deck support frame and our Odin DSUs act to absorb the weight of the topside; these Odin DSUs support the integrated deck structure and allow relative horizontal movement between the topside and the deck support frame during the transportation and mating process.

Allow horizontal movement between the topside and deck support frame during and after the mating process

Customize for each project requirement

Full Scale Testing Compression Load up to 18,300MT

Key Applications

Offshore wind high voltage direct current (HVDC) topside

Oil & Gas topside

Mining and LNG terminal construction

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Deck Support Unit

Odin DSU (Deck Support Unit)