Camera Test System

Camera Test System

360° camera-based vision systems are the key to safety, driver assistance, accident avoidance, assisted parking, and reversing monitoring.  Trelleborg is a leader in designing custom automated End of Line Test (EOLT) systems for fascia mounted cameras as well as side and rearview mirror cameras.  Our engineers have developed customer camera hardware and software for testing analog and digital cameras, including the latest 360° surround-view digital camera technology. Trelleborg has developed a robust testing mechanism for verifying the functionality and alignment of rear and front-mounted vehicular cameras. Using a properly designed test target and holding fixture, Trelleborg’s EOLT camera test system can check for multiple things in a fast and accurate manner.

Trelleborg’s camera test software can be easily configured to account for alignment, precision tolerances, fish-eye lens distortion, ambient lighting conditions and depth of field problems. The hardware required to interface the cameras with a Windows PC is a simple plug and play device.  

Easily configured to account for alignment

Easily configured for  precision tolerances

Easily configured for fish-eye lens distortion 

Easily configured for ambient lighting conditions

Easily configured for depth of field

Key Applications

Automotive end of line testing

Display screen optical tests

End of Line Testing Brochure

case study

Specialist end of line automotive testing supports industry development


Traceability is defined as the capability for tracing goods backward along the supply chain and forward along the distribution chain based on identifying characteristics. It is essential to automotive manufacturers and an integral part of any EOLT systems designed by Trelleborg. Using barcode scanners, RFID readers, Label printers, Ethernet communication, PLC input, Trelleborg will work with the customer to develop the crucial link between the customer’s MES and the part ID. Test results can be can go beyond simple “Pass/Fail” to include archived test results and images from vision inspections.