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Erosion Protection Material

For over 40 years Trelleborg has manufactured a range of Erosion Protection materials to protect propeller blades.  The materials have been specified for many demanding OEM applications where resistance to extreme environmental conditions is a requirement, both in terms of surface protection and extended in-service life.

Exceptional substrate protection

Specifically developed to withstand extremely harsh operating conditions. 

Excellent performance characteristics

Outstanding abrasive, tear and tear propagation resistance with an extremely low compression. 

Very versatile 

Available in either a cast sheet formulation or a customized molded part.  Engineering or CAD software support available on request to ensure parts are manufactured to specification. 

Key Applications

Trelleborg’s polyurethane materials withstand the effects of erosion by protecting the leading of wind turbine blades. They can be used on all modern composites and alloys..  Typical applications include:

Fixed wing aircrafts

Rotary aircrafts


Fixed wing and rotary blade erosion protection - standard parts

Specification number Description
    Polyurethane Strip - WX1175 ISS 8
    B5342 120/10      Polyurethane Strip - WX1175 ISS 8 
    B5360     Polyurethane Strip - WX1388 ISS 5
    B5360 120/10
    Polyurethane Strip - WX1388 ISS 5
    B7646      Polyurethane Buffed/Sueded Sheet - WX3233 ISS 8
    B7646 120/10     Polyurethane Buffed/Sueded Sheet - WX3233 ISS 8 
    B5615     Polyurethane Strip - B5615-WX1709
    B5615 120/10     Polyurethane Strip - B5615-WX1709
    B7966     Polyurethane Buffed/Sueded Sheet - B7966 - Grey WX3504 ISS    
    B7966 120/11     Polyurethane Buffed/Sueded Sheet - B7966 - Grey WX3504 ISS    


Erosion Protection Material

Erosion Protection Material

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