BV206 Belts

BV206 Belts

We have developed, manufactured and delivered rubber belts for Hägglunds BV206 belted wagons for a number of years, and have delivered our belts for the defense industry around the world, as well as to private BV206 owners. One of the main advantages of belted vehicles is their very low ground pressure, and they are therefore suitable for surfaces with poor bearing capacity, such as swamps, mud, and snow. In addition, they are a preferred vehicle in rough terrain and on loose substrates. Our belts are preferred among their users because of their stability and durability during use. They have been delivered to Hägglund for several years, and are therefore easily replaceable with Hägglund's original belts. Thus, modifications and adjustments are unnecessary. The belts are made of our own manufactured rubber and are in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO / TS 16949. We also manufacture belts for the special model P6 and other belt wagons.

Very durable

High quality

No modifications needed for use on BV206

Key Applications

Military vehicles

Equipment for construction

All-terrain vehicles


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