Uraduct® Buoyant

Uraduct® Buoyant

Demand is growing for highly advanced cable and flowline protection, as the global requirement for data and product transfer, through ever harsher environments.
When these lines cross over each other on the seafloor, there is a potential risk of damage to the previously laid power cables or flowlines.

To prevent this damage, Trelleborg developed Buoyant Uraduct®, a protection system for subsea cables, umbilicals, flowlines and hoses. Based on the original Uraduct® design, Buoyant Uraduct® not only protects cables from abrasion and impact, it also reduces the excess weight of a subsea cable so that it will not crush other lines at crossing locations. Made from highly buoyant materials, Uraduct® Buoyant minimizes drag and lift, avoiding possible stability issues.

Buoyant Uraduct® is a suitable alternative to subsea crossing bridges and can be installed on the cable or pipeline before it is laid on the seabed.

Abrasion resistant

Custom buoyancy to customer specification

Minimizes drag

Field tested

High impact resilient

Key Applications

To meet our customers' needs, our cutting-edge solution can be used for the below applications.

Bundled products

Fiber optic cables

Flexible Flowlines


Power cables

Rigid flowlines

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Uraduct® Buoyant