Tri-Strakes® C (Combi)

Tri-Strakes® C (Combi)

A VIV suppression system, consisting of overlapping and interlocking moldings, with three-start helical strakes to provide an effective triangular or trapezoidal strake profile. Tri-Strakes® C combine the stackability of the Tri-Strakes® L (Lite) with the load resilience of the Tri-Stakes® Stinger..

High temperature resistance

Temperature resistant up to 60°C/ 140°F

Quick and easy installation

Each section of the system has been designed as a single, lightweight component, enabling quick and easy pre-install onshore or install offshore. The design permits the system to be stacked efficiently during shipping, which also reduces space taken up on the vessel.

Established design

The established manufacturing process means that the Tri-Strakes® can be produced up to three times faster than systems manufactured using traditional techniques, enduring shorter lead times. 

Reduces marine growth build-up

Available with anti-foul coating or paint to design against marine growth build up, particularly in shallow water environments.

Key Applications

To meet our customers' needs, our cutting edge solution can be used for the below applications.



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Tr-Strake™ Combi

Tri-Strakes C (Combi)