Uraduct® is a protection system designed and developed to protect subsea fiber optic cables, power cables, umbilicals, flexible flowlines, rigid flowlines, hoses and bundled products from abrasion and impact. Uraduct® can also be used to add ballast to cables and flowlines.

Abrasion protection

Polyurethane has excellent abrasion resistance. This makes Uraduct® ideal for dynamic applications where the host cable or pipeline may move relative to the seabed. 

Dropped object protection

Uraduct® can be designed to provide a level of impact resistance to reduce the risk of dropped object damage.

Custom designs

Custom Uraduct® designs can be produced as required to protect multiple cable or pipeline configurations.

Proven track record

Uraduct® has an enviable track record of over 30 years, used in a variety of locations and environments.

Key Applications

Seabed touch down locations

Dropped object zones

Subsea cable crossings

Bundled cables and pipelines


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