J-Tube S (Seals)

Njord J-Tube S (Seals)

Diverless J-tube or I-tube seals are fitted to the host umbilical or flowline on the installation vessel. The seals are used to prevent the loss of the corrosion inhibitor solution used in the annulus between the host line and the J-tube bore.


Diverless and modular design

The seal is secured to the host line by integral clamps. It can then be pulled into the J-tube or I-tube with the host line. Typically the seal will be installed in the J-tube just behind the entry bellmouth.

Interference fit

Polyurethane seal elements are used to provide an interference fit to the host line and the J-tube bore. The interference fit provides the seal – no subsea activation procedure or intervention is necessary.

Corrosion inhibitor retention

J-tube seals are primarily used to prevent the loss of corrosion inhibitor within the J-tube annulus.

Key Applications


Centralizing action

Ancillary attachment


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J-Tube Seal, Trelleborg Offshore

Njord J-Tube S (Seal)

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