Residency Buoyancy

Residency Buoyancy

Trelleborg manufactures a range of ultra-high performance, low density syntactic foams, specifically for RROV and RAUV residency vehicle buoyancy applications. These composite foams provide very low densities by incorporating the highest specification hollow glass microspheres and combining with a rigid, high strength resin system.

Engineered to withstand long term immersion, our residency buoyancy solutions can withstand the constant hydrostatic conditions created by the challenge of residency applications. The unique polymer syntactic matrix provides superior resistance to compression ensuring consistent performance and stability.

Manufactured by Trelleborg Applied Technologies in the UK, our in-house R&D team can engineer solutions to meet your individual project requirements. 

Block form or custom molded shapes available 

Selection of depths available 

Used to prepare large buoyancy modules

Withstand long term immersion up to 2 years

Key Applications

Resident Remotely Operated Vehicles (RROV)

Resident Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (RAUV)

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Residency Buoyancy



  • Max Op Depth 2000 MSW
  • Density 410 kg/m3
  • Max Op Pressure 2904 psi
  • Hydrostatic Crush Pressure 6000 psi
  • Service life at Max Op Depth 2 years
  • Water absorption <2% *

*At service life


  • Max Op Depth 3000 MSW
  • Density 468 kg/m3
  • Max Op Pressure 4356 psi
  • Hydrostatic Crush Pressure 9000 psi
  • Service life at Max Op Depth 2 years
  • Water absorption <2% *

*At service life

For more bespoke depths please contact us