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Distributed Buoyancy Modules

Distributed Buoyancy Modules (DBMs) are typically used between structures and a surface vessel or platform. The clamping solution allows the DBMs to be fitted at any point along the length of a flexible pipeline or cable.

Provide uplift

the uplift is generated by a two part buoyant component; a clamp and the buoyancy elements.

Maintain location along the pipeline

a clamp securely attaches the assembly to the desired location on the pipeline. the buoyancy elements are assembled to mechanically lock around the clamp and are secured with a fastening system.

Compliant clamping systems

Compliant systems aimed at encapsulating large flowline tolerances, expansions and contractions through the use of compliant contact pads.

Installation buoyancy

To reduce the weight of the pipeline during installation, discrete buoyancy modules can be strapped to the pipeline on board the vessel or in the case of the shore pull, installed on land.

Key Applications

Flexible Deep water buoyancy systems

Wind farm cables

Dynamic applications


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