Njord Linksyn™

Njord Linksyn™

Njord Linksyn™ provides an even distribution of buoyancy along an umbilical due to its interlocking and articulated design. It prevents the umbilical from bending below its minimum bend radius and provides mechanical support in the event load is applied to the umbilical.  Two new additions to the range are the Njord Linksyn™ SD and Njord Linksyn™ HD systems.

Flexible positioning

The continuous interlocking system makes it possible to “link in” (adding or subtracting) buoyancy elements as necessary to trim the umbilical and ensure it is positioned in the correct orientation in relation to the ROV or plough.

Re-usable buoyancy elements

A “fit and forget” component with a “one size fits all” philosophy provides operators and builders a commonality of product allowing the re-use and potential redeployment of Linksyn™ throughout the ROV or plough fleet.

Bend protection

The system features an integrated polymer bending stiffener allowing for smooth transition of the umbilical from the end Linksyn™ modules.

Provides support

Linksyn™ has been developed to act as a permanently installed buoyancy collar located on the vehicle directly behind the recovery latching system, to provide support to the umbilical by acting as a “lock out” bending restrictor, forming a continuous and flexible buoyancy collar with a smooth outer profile.

Key Applications

ROV umbilical termination




View Njord Linksyn™ Umbilical Bend Control

Product Sheet
Linksyn™ includes buoyant interlocking vertebrae, installed either directly on an ROV or plough umbilical termination or mid-water by means of a tether clamp. Each element comprises of a buoyant syntactic composite core encapsulated within a resilient polyethylene external shell.

Njord Linksyn™

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