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Tufcote – Barriers and Composites

We offer a complete range of Tufcote sound barriers and barrier composites in a variety of standard and custom configurations.  Incorporating a sound barrier between a noise source and the receiver is traditionally one of the most effective ways to control the transmission of airborne noise. Barrier materials deflect and contain airborne sound waves by means of their mass. Our flexible barriers offer distinct advantages over high stiffness materials, which exhibit a coincidence frequency at which they readily transmit noise.  The barriers are loaded vinyl and urethane barriers with no lead content. 

High transmission loss and sound absorption performance

Our barrier and absorber composites feature Tufcote acoustic foam bonded to one or both sides of a flexible barrier. They are available in two and three layer configurations.

Ideal for demanding environments  

Tufcote barriers and composites meet the physical and performance requirements of virtually any application.  

Installation convenience of a single product

Flexible and easy to cut and install.

Different grades

Available in different grades and dimensions depending on your application requirements. 

Key Applications

Ideal for airborne applications such as:



Unmanned aircraft

Tufcote – Barriers and Composites

Tufcote - Barriers and Composites

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