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Tufcote – Absorbing Foams

Tufcote foams are manufactured using a proprietary thin sheet casting process that chemically bonds the foams to a variety of film facings or to barrier or damping materials to form integrated composite products.  Tufcote acoustic absorbing foams are available in a variety of types:  M-Series foams are formulated specifically for the transportation industry, E-Series foams are for general OEM use, H-Series foams feature additional flame retardants, QUASH self-supporting sound management foams withstand exposure to fluids, grease and oil, Foams can be combined with Tufcote barriers, a variety of functional facings and PSA backing.

Acoustic absorbing foams 

Widely used to reduce noise levels within an enclosed space.  

Available in a variety of protective facings 

The versatile foams are available in 3 formulations and can be supplied with a variety of protective facings. 

Supplied in rolls, sheets or as custom die-cut parts

Available with or without pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing and thicknesses range from 0.25 inches to 2 inches.


Easy to install.

Key Applications

Tufcote foams are used in diverse applications, including:

Vehicle cabs 

Equipment cabinetry


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Tufcote – Absorbing Foams

Tufcote - Absorbing Foam

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