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Isoloss LS – Energy Control Foam

Isoloss LS has an extremely low compression set, it also features an excellent resistance to collapse and exhibits good shock cushioning and vibration isolation performance.  It has low outgassing and good dimensional stability, with tight thickness tolerances.  Easily and cleanly die-cut, Isoloss LS can be fabricated with various facings and combinations of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA's) which simplify installation and reduce product assembly costs.

Material advantages:
• Meets UL50, 157, 5080 and 514B standards as gaskets and seals low compression set
• High energy absorption
• Effective vibration isolation 
• Low outgassing 
• High internal strength
• Good chemical and flame resistance
• Broad temperature use 
• Available in a range of thicknesses and densities

Solution for difficult mechanical energy control

Isoloss LS materials are fine-celled, low compression set, high density polyurethane foams which offer unique combinations of design features. 

Ideal for lightweight vibration isolation applications  

Performance advantages include low stiffness, high strength and controlled compression characteristics.

Good durability, resilience and high energy absorption

Ideal for cushioning and shock applications.


Available in different grades and dimensions depending on your application requirements.  Easy to install. 

Key Applications

Isoloss LS is used in many diverse applications, but they make excellent:




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Isoloss LS – Energy Control Foam

Isoloss LS 

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