Trelleborg Exhibits Rail Solutions at UK Light Rail Conference


Trelleborg Exhibits Rail Solutions at UK Light Rail Conference

Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation will exhibit at the UK Light Rail Conference in Birmingham, England, promoting its Vector™ embedded rail and pre-coated rail systems. 

Located on stand 10, visitors will have the opportunity to view the company’s latest addition to its portfolio of solutions for light rail track. This has been developed in conjunction with other market leading companies to offer a versatile track solution that is compatible with a wide range of surface finishes, offering more choice to designers and specifiers and extending the options to improve the urban realm.  Visitors to the stand will also be able to explore Trelleborg’s other polymer-based rail solutions.

Robin Wolfendale, Rail Projects Manager within the Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation commented: “Modern rail systems have to respond to increasing demands for long service life combined with reduction or elimination of environmental impacts such as noise, vibration and stray current.

“Over the years, Trelleborg has established a range of second generation vibration control solutions for constructing urban railways and metro networks. We also have a pre-coated rail concept that provides a versatile approach for resilient support, combined with stray current and corrosion protection for both light and heavy rail applications. We look forward to demonstrating both of these solutions at the UK Light Rail Conference and speaking with attendees to outline how our solutions can truly align with their requirements.”

The Vector™ Embedded Rail System is based on high performance, one piece, molded, micro cellular foam with no voids or cavities. The boot incorporates features to simplify jointing and installation as well as providing wheel overrun protection and skid resistance. It incorporates features to simplify and improve the integrity of jointing between lengths of rail boot enabling delivery of long lengths and to ensure that the most stringent electrical isolation requirements for modern light rail systems are met.

Trelleborg’s Pre-Coated Rail System offers a high level of stray current protection combined with low track stiffness to reduce adverse environmental impacts and to deliver better long term performance than other resilient solutions such as pour-in-situ polymer. The innovative, factory-based process ensures efficient use of materials to produce cost effective encapsulated rail, particularly well-suited for embedded rail renewal projects.

The 11th Annual UK Light Rail Conference brings together over 250 decision-makers for two days of open debate covering all aspects of light rail operations and development. Delegates can explore the latest industry innovation within the event’s exhibition area and examine Light Rail Transit’s role in alleviating congestion in towns and cities.

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