Improved Applied Technologies Website

Strengthening our commitment to developing new and consistent digital communication tools, we recently launched our updated, easy to navigate website.

The new site provides a holistic view of Trelleborg’s range of innovative and reliable engineered solutions including advanced rubber, polyurethane and glass materials. With all areas now segmented, visitors can easily access everything from material expertise, industries, products, and solutions, to the latest resources including pictures, videos, and apps, at the click of a mouse or swipe of a finger. 

The advanced, user-friendly web platform is designed to provide a natural and intuitive user experience courtesy of a more simplified, cleaner visual design and enhanced navigation. This enables visitors to better utilize Trelleborg’s vast range of specialized, customizable materials for the most challenging applications from space to seafloor and everywhere in-between.

Purposefully designed with an emphasis on high-quality visuals and graphics, the website showcases Trelleborg’s true capabilities. In addition, the new homepage provides content at a glance, giving visitors a snapshot of what they can expect to find by visiting the numerous areas of the website.  

The whole site is optimized for mobile and tablet, thanks to the responsive site design, which automatically adapts any page to the viewing resolution of the device used delivering an optimal, interactive experience wherever visitors are in the world.

Visit the new website:

Jo Shailes, Trelleborg

Jo Shailes

Vice President Marketing