Polyimide Foam

Polyimide Foam

Polyimide Foam has unrivalled advantages over traditional insulation materials, making it an ideal material for solving tough problems for marine vessels, rail installations and industrial applications. 

Trelleborg is an authorized distributor and fabricator of SOLIMIDE® Foams from Boyd Corporation.  

Fire resistant & non- toxic

The foam is fire resistant and emits virtually no smoke or incapacitating toxic bi-products when exposed to an open flame

Extremely lightweight

The lightweight foam can attribute to fuel savings and efficiency

Temperature range

This material’s wide operating temperature range allows it to remain functional when exposed to extreme temperatures 

Acoustic and thermal insulation

Excellent acoustic absorption and thermal insulation properties

 Proven durability

Significantly greater resistance to damage compared to traditional insulation products

Easy installation

Is more cost effective to handle and install than fibrous insulation as it does not require special handling

Products made from Polyimide Foam