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Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the oldest print processes.  It has stood the test of time because it is fast, controllable, measurable and consistent.  Today, we have more screen printing applications being developed which require a higher quality squeegee blade.  Trelleborg manufactures the market-leading Unitex®squeegee range.  Unitex®squeegees have excellent resistance to modern UV and solvent-based ink systems, which ensures that a consistent print-edge is maintained over long print runs.  The Unitex®range covers the full breadth of screen printing applications, including: electronics, graphics, textiles, glass, bottles and containers.

Printing efficiently and sustainably

Trelleborg offers high-performance print solutions which are helping to accelerate productivity and reproduction.

Rollers and Wheels

Trelleborg supplies rubberised and PU rollers complete with steel core, according to your specifications. With in-house designers we are able to fulfil virtually all requirements regarding hardness, shape and compound. 

Unitex® squeegee range

Specialist squeegees for screen printing professionals.

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The best way to see how well our Unitex® squeegee range performs is to compare it with what you are currently using.

Other printing solutions from Trelleborg:

Trelleborg's printing solutions operation is a leading global supplier of unique customer solutions for polymer-coated fabrics deployed in offset, flexo and digital printing applications, as well as offering rollers & belts for converting applications.