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FLEXX* Curve is an enhanced HALL®, resulting from a collaboration between BOMBARDIER and Trelleborg. FLEXX Curve with frequency-depending longitudinal stiffness, like the HALL®, has following advantages over conventional axle guide bushings:
  • Reduced curve squeal noise
  • Reduced wheel and track wear
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced track access charges.
In addition to the HALL®  functionalities, FLEXX Curve is able to: 
  • Adapt small curves better than HALL®  (higher longitudinal deflection capacity)
  • Allows easy hydraulic cross connection to maintain curving performance, under high traction and braking forces
  • Be loaded with high vertical forces, based on its innovative design
  • Be installed as plug-and-play solution, for BOMBARDIER* TALENT* 2 and 3, BOMBARDIER* TWINDEXX* and upcoming BOMBARDIER* FLEXX* Compact bogies.

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FLEXX® Curve types

Trelleborg FLEXX Curve


  • Plug-and-play solution
  • Traction and braking forces are mechanically compensated 
  • Cx stat.= 3 kN/mm (trailer bogie)
  • Cx stat.= 5 kN/mm (motor bogie)

Trelleborg FLEXX Curve

Cross Coupled

  • Connected FLEXX Curve units from left to right bogie side
  • Traction and braking forces are hydraulically compensated
  • Cx stat. = 2 kN/mm (all bogies)

Trelleborg FLEXX Curve

Cross Coupled/PRS

  • Cross coupled design
  • Outstanding curving performance by valve-controlled fluid flow
  • Cx stat. < 2 kN/mm (all bogies)

FLEXX® Curve characteristics

Trelleborg FLEXX Curve

Design space

Trelleborg FLEXX Curve


Trelleborg FLEXX Curve

Longitudinal Stiffness CX

Why a hydraulic axle guide element?

The conflict of aims between a good curving behavior and stable running at high speed can be solved by conventional parts only in form of a compromise. HALL® bush has the ideal characteristic for good curving behavior and stable running at high speed.

FLEXX Curve  Chart
FLEXX Curve chart

FLEXX® Compact Bogie

Building Block Primary Suspension Design Types

Trelleborg FLEXX Curve

«Conventional» Cx=25kN/mm

Trelleborg FLEXX Curve

FLEXX Curve «Standard» Cx = 3-5kN/mm

Trelleborg FLEXX Curve

FLEXX Curve «Cross-Coupled»Cx = 2kN/mm

Trelleborg FLEXX Curve

FLEXX Curve «Cross-Coupled / PRS»Cx < 2kN/mm

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