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For a more comfortable ride

Engines are becoming lower weight, cabs have stricter noise, vibration and harshness levels to adhere to, loads are increasing and trucks are becoming heavier, so vehicle suspension needs to evolve too.

The demands on off highway vehicles are more diverse and challenging than ever. So our solutions are built to improve safety and comfort, prolong life and optimize performance, allowing you to maximize productivity, reduce downtime and meet environmental objectives.

Antivibration and suspension solutions for off-highway

Axle suspension tower spring
  • Manufactured from high strength steel
  • High impact and wear characteristics
  •  Heavy-duty top and bottom plates to resist negative loading
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BA and Double U Shear
BA and Double U-Shear range
  • Provides excellent isolation of low frequencies
  • Permits high deflections
  • Suitable for low speed machinery and equipment
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Buffer Product Range
  • Easily fitted
  • Oil and nitrate resistant Nitrile Rubber
  • Protects structures and equipment from impact forces
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Trelleborg conical bearings
Conical mount
  • High fatigue life
  • Wide radial load range
  • High torsional movement
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Trelleborg cushyfloat
Cushyfloat product range
  • Trelleborg original design
  • Low lateral stiffness
  • Simple to install
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Cylindrical mount product range
  • Simple to install
  • Suitable for a range of applications
  • Wide variety of sizes
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EH mount product range
  • Wide load range, 60 to 350 kg
  • Attenuation of structure-borne noise
  • Dynamic efficiency in all directions
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Fluid mounts product range
  • Designed for better damping, shock and vibration control
  • Bonded rubber and steel mount with integral buffers limit movement
  • Particularly suitable for off-highway vehicles
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Trelleborg MDS mount
MDS mount product range
  • Designed to take high dynamic shock loads
  • Linear stiffness allows easy prediction of mount deflection
  • Simple to install
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Metacone product range
  • Large static deflections
  • Compact fail safe design
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