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Vee Mount

Vee Mount Solution

Vee mountings have ideal stiffness characteristics for rail vehicle engine suspensions. The vertical stiffness rate ensures that when the mounting is properly loaded, the verticals natural frequency doesn't coincide with the bodies bending frequency. The high longitudinal stiffness controls shunting shock motion. The mounting is usually connected to the sole bars via that base casting, and a buffer is attached to the Vee section casting to limit tensile loads. 


This high load capacity mounting has a relatively large rubber volume providing a high degree of vibration and noise isolation, making it ideally suited for suspending engines installed in public service and goods vehicles. 

Technical Specification

Vee Mount Standard

Type Part number M-Max (kg) Weight (kg)
11-1082-55 10-00205-01 210 4,2
11-1082-65 10-00206-01 315 4,2

Vee Mount High Capacity

Type Part number M-Max (kg) Weight (kg)
11-1033-50 10-00196-01 470 4,5
11-1033-60 10-00197-01 710 4,5

technical drawing
Vee mount spring characteristics


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