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Saw Mount

SAW Mount

Novibra type SAW mounting consist of a cylindrical shaped rubber section with integrally bonded inter-leaf metal plates bonded of two square heavy duty outer metal fixing plates. Designed for large compression forces with minimum deformation, while providing low shear stiffness rates.

The combination of a stable low installation height, high compression strength and low shear stiffness makes the SAW a versatile high performance anti-vibration mounting.

By connecting two SAW elements in series i.e. on top of the other, an increased isolation efficiency is achieved in both shear and compression planes. Where larger deflection are required in the vertical plane, SAW mountings are mounted at a calculated angle configuration to provide the optimum spring rate,  


The SAW is a heavy duty mounting for static and shock loads in compression. Typical applications include:


Hoppers and Feeders


Grinding Machines

Technical Specification

 Part number
Part number
 Dimensions in mm  Weight  M-max (kg)
Type  40 deg IRH 60 deg IRH  K  t (kg) 40 deg IRH
 60 deg IRH
SAW 125 10-00141-01 10-00142-01 118  148 52 13.5 5 2.6 2250 4500
SAW 150 10-00143-01 10-00144-01 136  166 63 13.5 6 4.1 3750 7500

SAW 200 10-00175-01
10-00176-01   184  220  82  17 9.2  6000  12000
SAW 300 10-00178-01
10-00178-01   270  310  120  22 10 27.0  15000  30000
technical drawing
SAW Mount Diagram


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