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Metacone Shock Mount

Metacone Shock Mount Product Range

Trelleborg Metacone™ Shock Mounts are suitable for the suspension of medium weight equipment or machinery where isolation against low frequency vibration is required with the additional benefit of excellent high frequency acoustic attenuation. Differing stiffness rates in the two horizontal modes enables suspension characteristics to be optimized by appropriate orientation of the mountings without the need for seating modifications.

Applications Include:

Marine Propulsion Engines

Generator Sets



Metacone Shock Mount Product Data

Product  No
Vertical Stiffness (Z) (N/mm)  Max Load Per Mount (@ 10mm) (kg)
 17/5558/1 34X50 225 230
17/5558/1 34X60 340 345
17/5558/1 34X70 510 520
17/5521/1 34X50 285 285
17/5521/1 34X60 450 460
17/5521/1 34X70 675 685
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Metacone Shock Mount


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