Trelleborg hosts supplier day in Leicester

Antivibration Solutions Supplier Day

Trelleborg AVS Holds Supplier Day in Leicester

Trelleborg Antivibration Solutions hosted their first ever Supplier Day in Leicester on Thursday 23rd March. A super turnout with our top 15 suppliers represented by 25 attendees spent the day in Leicester learning about the importance they play in the success of our business. The theme of the open day was a way to give thanks to all our suppliers but remind them as they continue on the journey we are on, the role they play is so vital to the success of our business.

After a friendly introduction challenging the suppliers to answer questions on Trelleborg, Max Billinger, President of the AVS Business Unit welcomed all suppliers and introduced the Trelleborg Group. Max provided an update on the organization and the future strategy as the BU looks to settle down in its new structure following the recent acquisitions of Schwab and Loggers. This was followed by a market and product introduction from the Head of Engineering, Matt Easthope as he gave examples of where our products are used. Many in the room only see the raw material metals or rubber they supply and showing them what we do with their product was a good insight for them.
A shop tour, many of whom had never experienced despite supplying into Leicester for 20+ years was a hugely enjoyable experience. Six of the technical engineers from site undertook the shop tours and were able to pass on their knowledge and experience in small groups as the groups went around the facility. Following the shop tour, Roger Grooms, Purchasing Director for AVS gave a presentation focussing on the goals of Quality and Delivery accuracy from within the Supply Chain and the challenges the business has when these are not met.
It was a hugely enjoyable experience for everyone attending the feedback since has suggested this. 

Greg Cunningham, Managing Director of QuTec stated "We found the day extremely informative and enjoyed the presentations, meeting all of the departmental heads and being given the opportunity to tour your premises again. We both came away with the clear messages from the day and look forward to continued success as one of Trelleborg’s key supplier partners."
Roger Varley, Managing Director of Birmingham Stopper stated "Many thanks indeed for yesterday’s Supplier Open Day. Bob and I appreciated, very much, the time given by you and your staff over so many aspects of Trelleborg and for the factory tour, of course. We appreciated, too, your hospitality. In all, it was an informative, helpful and enjoyable day."
Roger Grooms, Purchasing Director in Trelleborg AVS said "The day was thoroughly enjoyable with so many suppliers making the effort. There were also in the region of twenty Trelleborg staff involved at one point or another. It was especially pleasing to hear some of the comments after the tour of the facility and we believe the day will go a long way to our goal of building relationships with our suppliers that we can rely on."