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Cab mounts have proven better performance

Trelleborg’s high-efficiency cab mounts have been chosen by Indian construction equipment manufacturer for compactors due to proven superior performance and extended life.

MDS high-efficiency cab mounts from Trelleborg Industrial AVS have been chosen by the Indian construction equipment manufacturer, ACE Ltd. for its new range of compactors due to the mounts proven superior performance and extended life.

MDS Mount from Industrial AVSThe highest standards of vibration suppression

Trelleborg Industrial AVS designed the MDS (multi-directional snubbing) mount specifically to ensure the highest standards of vibration suppression and low noise in the engines and cabs of today's advanced off-highway vehicles.  ACE tested the mounts both in prototype compactors and in their SPV (special purpose vehicle) range and found
 that they outperformed competitors' products by a wide margin, as well as demonstrating a longer service life. Details of the new compactor have not yet been announced but ACE plans to manufacture 250 in its first full year of production. 

The MDS range is designed to maintain stability in the engines and cabs of small to medium excavators, skid steer loaders and compactors as well as larger vehicles, such as articulated dump trucks and maxi wheel loaders.  MDS mounts are installed in pairs via a two-part, single-bolt installation, which will absorb high dynamic shock loads, while limiting movement in all directions.  

The TrellExtreme® MDS mount is designed for maximum vertical dynamic snubbing from +/- 6mm and horizontal dynamic snubbing from +/- 3mm.  The standard range accommodates static vertical loads from 70 to 500 kg. with deflection at maximum static load of 2.5mm to 4mm and axial to radial stiffness ratio of 1.5:1 rising to 3:1.


About ACE

Based near New Delhi, northern India, ACE Ltd. (Action Construction Equipment ) has grown rapidly since its foundation some twelve years ago.  Originally, the company concentrated on the manufacture of cranes, but has since diversified into a full range of construction equipment, including soil compactors, tandem compactors, mini compactors, fork lifts, backhoe loaders and tractors.  The company has now consolidated its presence in all major infrastructure, construction and heavy engineering markets across India, and is expanding into Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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