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Sustainability in action

At Trelleborg we believe that the benefits of our solutions stretch beyond functionality and business performance. Whenever possible they should also contribute to better sustainability. In fact, many of our solutions protect the environment and people, as well as infrastructure and assets. They reduce environmental impact by saving energy, cutting emissions and protecting the soil. They make peoples' lives quieter and more comfortable. They make projects such as tunnels and skyscrapers last for generations to come. This is what we call Blue Dimension™ - Solutions for Better Sustainability. 

Blue Dimension™ video

Blue Dimension™: Protecting the environment

Our solutions are involved in reducing environmental impact: saving energy, cutting emissions, minimizing soil compaction in agriculture and prolonging low-maintenance product life for our customers.

Blue Dimension™: Protecting people

We make life safer and more comfortable for people. Our positive contributions include noise reduction, bearings to protect buildings during earthquakes, and developing low-friction fabrics for aircraft evacuation slides.

Blue Dimension™: Protecting infrastructure and assets

We protect our customers’ investments in infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels, railways and wastewater systems by delivering innovative solutions that improve cost-efficiency and prolong operational lifetime.