Port of the future


Port of the future

As global trade continues to grow, ports and marine pilots are facing a number of major challenges. Trelleborg offers its SafePilot system for safer and more efficient piloting and port management. 

To increase profitability, shipping vessels are getting larger. At the same time, it is very difficult to expand ports in many locations, which in turn results in serious safety issues as well as a lack of berth space. Bottleneck effects are worsened by the fact that vessels’ estimation of arrival times is generally very poor. Some 45 percent of all container vessels are delayed by more than eight hours. The potential for increased efficiency is huge. 

SafePilot Portable Pilot Unit (PPU) provides pilots with a toolbox supporting all tasks from navigation to administrative duties. The PPU consist of a lightweight and very accurate GPS antenna unit with a precision of up to one centimeter (in the most advanced model), and a tablet (iPad) with piloting software. It’s extremely easy to use. With the touch of a finger the pilot has access to all relevant data via a 3G link, up to date and in real time. For example, the pilot can overlay the latest survey data onto a sea chart, thereby seeing exactly where to steer the vessel. There is also a prediction system for guiding the vessel’s movements with great precision, cutting the number of adjustments necessary. The pilot gets a traffic overview of all the ships in the port’s vicinity as well as weather station information in real time, and can access a database with information on vessels that have been serviced before.

Trelleborg’s system makes it easier to do a good job, faster and safer. Furthermore, the module-based SafePilot system can be expanded into a full-blown pilot and port management system with all port and pilot functions, data and schedules integrated, enabling full transparency, information sharing and live access to relevant information in real time. The system can also be customized to meet the needs of a specific port. Trelleborg is helping to build the smart port of the future and is unique in being the only manufacturer offering a comprehensive solution.

For more information: www.trelleborg.com/marine-systems