Maximize the life of every tire

Pit stop line tire cutaway

Maximize the life of every tire

The Pit Stop Line from Trelleborg is a simple, cost-efficient innovation that can reduce forklift tire-related running costs by more than 20 percent.

Trelleborg is the world’s largest producer of solid tires, which are typically used on forklift and other materials handling applications. 

At first glance the Pit Stop Line from Trelleborg Wheel Systems is just a thin orange band hiding inside a solid rubber tire. But for the forklift industry, the Pit Stop Line represents a new era in tire management – maximizing tire life, raising productivity, improving safety and reducing environmental impact. 

The Pit Stop Line has been developed to end the uncertainty about when to replace a solid tire, and it does this in the simplest way possible: visually. The orange line appears on a tire when it wears down; telling the operator there is an estimated tire life of 80 to 100 hours remaining. This gives ample time for tire replacement to be scheduled when it is most convenient for the user. To replace a solid tire on a forklift in a busy factory or warehouse means taking a valuable machine out of service for a period of time. 

With millions of forklift trucks in service globally, this new tire feature has the potential to offer considerable savings and efficiencies for owners and operators of forklift fleets. The Trelleborg design team analyzed thousands of used solid tires and discovered that they had on average been replaced with around 25 percent of residual use still in them. 

Being able to use a tire for its whole life has a direct effect on costs, in reduced downtime and longer maintenance intervals as well as savings on tire replacement and service costs; Pit Stop Line can reduce running costs in excess of 20 percent.

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