Lower costs in the pipeline

The innovative range of epros®DrainSystems

Lower costs in the pipeline

The innovative range of epros®DrainSystems solutions boosts cost efficiency by enabling low-cost, no-dig methods for pipeline repairs in sewer systems, buildings and industries. 

As well as pipe seals, Trelleborg also offers solutions within the sewer pipe repair and rehabilitation markets. Trelleborg epros is among the leading specialist companies in innovative technologies for the maintenance of sewer systems with more than 20 years of experience in developing advanced technical systems for modern “trenchless” pipeline repairs.  

Trenchless methods are specifically designed for the maintenance and repair of pipelines, manholes and sewer systems using “no-dig" technologies. All repair-related operations can be performed without breaking ground – a practical and economical alternative to conventional repair techniques involving digging up the streets. 

No digging means less disruption and nuisance for the community and contributes to energy savings and climate protection by avoiding dust and CO² emissions from construction operations and traffic jams.

Critically, trenchless methods bring down overall project costs, compared to conventional techniques. Another major advantage is that the method facilitates early renovation, offering the potential to prevent full rehabilitation or renewal of systems and thereby avoid related additional costs. 

With a unique range of certified building products in the field of trenchless pipe rehabilitation solutions, Trelleborg is in a unique position to help customers considerably improve cost efficiency in pipeline repair projects. 

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