We constantly raise the bar for ourselves


We constantly raise the bar for ourselves

Aiming to become world class in sustainability entails a number of things for us. It includes understanding the company’s role in society and acting responsibly in the areas where we directly or indirectly can make a difference. Basically, it involves being a responsible and respected member of society, and that we create long-term value through our sustainable products and solutions, both for our shareholders and for society. In all these respects, we have taken important steps forward in recent years. At the same time we stand by the fundamental commitments documented in our Code of Conduct and in the UN Global Compact, whose principles we also encourage our suppliers to follow.

The Blue Dimension™ initiative is our way of showing how we can use innovative solutions to help our customers protect people, the environment, infrastructure and assets, through such properties as the energy effi ciency of solutions, their ability to dampen noise and vibrations and their material durability. In short, innovation for current and future societal challenges. On pages 36–37 in our Annual Report 2017, you can read more about how our solutions can contribute in various ways to the UN sustainable development goals, which concern the whole of society.

Continuing work with acquisitions. 2017 was otherwise characterized by what is our everyday industrial life. Naturally, the major acquisition in 2016 of CGS Holding, with brands and companies including Mitas, Rubena and Savatech, has involved plenty of work that continued during the year on consolidation and organization, not least in relation to practical matters, such as resource-saving effi ciency enhancements and health and safety issues.

We are steadily and purposefully moving toward the goal we call Excellence in all of our core processes. This means we have a world-class target where the bar is being
continuously raised, and where we gradually are improving our performance – and where the world around us and the competition also demands that we constantly advance our positions.

Trelleborg is at the upper level of companies on Nasdaq’s Large Cap list in Sweden in terms of how we implement and communicate our sustainability work, according to a survey by the Stockholm School of Economics in 2017. There is scope for us to even increase our communication, according to the same survey. We look upon this 2017 Annual Report and our sustainability pages on www.trelleborg.com as part of this communication work, which is also an area where we are constantly raising the bar for ourselves.

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Peter Nilsson, President and CEO