We are contributing to a more sustainable society


We are contributing to a more sustainable society

A year that has made us stronger. A year of new challenges during which we were also able to begin showing how our innovations are contributing to sustainability.

During the year, we began to truly show our business environment and customers how our polymer-based innovation helps to protect the environment, people, infrastructure and assets. With the launch of Blue DimensionTM – solutions for better sustainability, we now have numerous examples to demonstrate how well equipped Trelleborg is for future challenges. 

2016 was also an eventful year for Trelleborg in other ways. The acquisition of new operations, particularly Czech-based CGS, helped our Group to expand significantly. Although Trelleborg emerged from the year better equipped for the future, it is also facing new challenges. When it comes to health and safety as well as energy efficiency, we have considerable work to do in several of our recently acquired units before we can achieve the levels we are striving toward within the Group.

Overall, Trelleborg’s CR work reflects our shared commitment to comply with legislation and rules, including international agreements, to offer a safe workplace and resource-efficient production, and to be an attractive employer known for its diversity and dedication. We endeavor to raise the bar for ourselves in all of these areas every year. Some of the most important aspects of our four focus areas are:

Regulatory compliance.
When it comes to compliance with legislation and rules, we assign high priority to further developing our work related to training and information in all relevant areas; a new Code of Conduct will be introduced throughout the Group in 2017. Our goals also apply to our suppliers, who we encourage to comply with our Code of Conduct and the guidelines of the UN Global Compact.

We continuously seek to conserve our resources when it comes to energy and raw materials, to eliminate all wastefulness and to be a safe and secure workplace. Our Safety@Work, Energy Excellence and climate-related programs – for which we have established a new, challenging target for 2020 – remain top priorities within all units, particularly our recently acquired units.

We work actively in many ways to truly show that diversity is important to us and positive for our business. We are introducing a new key figure to help us increase the percentage of female managers in our operations, which will ultimately yield a higher number of female candidates for senior positions.

Community involvement.
Trelleborg cultivates good local relationships wherever we are in the world by participating in various community activities and through selected local projects that aim to support child and youth development. Our high-profile school and community projects in Sri Lanka, Brazil and India are good examples of this. 

These were some of the most important features of our CR work during the year, both within in the company and along our value chain – from suppliers to more sustainable customers and society.

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Peter Nilsson, President and CEO