The energy hunt continues

Energy Excellence team

The energy hunt continues

More areas where energy can be saved will now be localized within the Trelleborg Group. The second round of the global Energy Excellence program will be rolled out in 2013 to further reduce total energy consumption.

As Trelleborg AB systematically began to review its energy consumption in 2009, many “low-hanging fruits” were identified – blatant energy wasters. Global measures were taken resulting in targets being comfortably met. Two years after the start of the program, energy use had been cut by 13 percent in relation to sales.
“This was excellent, but such a program needs to be repeated and strengthened to ensure continued savings,” explains Lars-Göran Larsson, project manager of the Energy Excellence program.

Further training of energy coordinators is the first step aimed at revitalizing efforts at Trelleborg’s 87 units around the world. Knowledge about different sources of energy and how an energy audit is performed are some of the features of the training. It is then up to the energy coordinators to lead the hunt for unnecessary energy consumption at their workplaces.

“It’s all too easy to be blinded by familiarity. The training course brings people from different business units and continents together. The cooperation that is established is a major benefit. Competence is disseminated and coordinators share tips and advice,” says Lars-Göran Larsson.
This second round of Energy Excellence includes the introduction of new modules aimed at identifying new areas where energy can be saved. An inventory had shown that engines, presses and furnaces are among the devices that are worth examining closer. For example, there are more than 1,800 presses in operation across Trelleborg’s production sites. Even small energy savings per unit can make a difference.

“Much can be achieved without the need for new and costly investments,” Lars-Göran Larsson points out.

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