Sharing knowledge gives better safety

Finn Jensen Safety@Work

Sharing knowledge gives better safety

Trelleborg’s programme Safety@Work has gone in to a new phase. By following up better and faster, the number of incidents will continue to drop.  

“We do not chase people, we chase faults, “ says Finn Jensen, Lead expert for Safety@Work.

Zero accidents and a minimal co-worker absence is the Trelleborg Group’s outermost target. Safety and a good work environment is a priority, at top management level as well as for every single co-worker around the world.

This is confirmed by Finn Jensen who has a 30 year experience of issues related to work environment. He now works as an expert for Trelleborg’s programme Safety@Work, which was established more than ten years ago.

“It is actually only about common sense. You can’t deliver quality with injured co-workers. Everyone benefits from healthy and alert co-workers,” he says.
As from January 2014, Safety@Work is part of the overall improvement programme ”Manufacturing Excellence” – making it clearer how safety and work environmental issues are related to quality, supply chains and finally also profitability.

Due to this fresh start, Safety@Work is now part of a larger global network, which makes it possible to share more knowledge among production sites. Learning from each other is an important component in the programme.

“It supports self-help,” Finn Jensen points out.

Many work environment improvements start by assuring good order and tidiness.

“That’s basic. Without order and regimes you do not have a clue about anything. If you spill oil, you wipe it up at once. It’s as simple as that,” he continues.
Safety@work evaluates production sites yearly and gives them points. The highest possible number is 1000 and about half of the sites have points above 900. The minimum standard is 650 points.

Within the follow up system of Manufacturing Excellence the sites now report safety incidents every month. Before it was only once a year. This makes it easier to spot problems earlier.

“This should be seen as enhancing our support, not our control,” Finn Jensen points out.

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